20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (2022)

20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support

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    Football and music are two industries that frequently find themselves overlapping—thousands regularly come to watch the entertainment,inordinate sums of money are exchanged in both codes and each has its fill of divas.

    Every now and then, though, the paths will cross for entirely different reasons and this Monday, May 11, marks the 39th anniversary of Sir Elton John rising to become Watford chairman and director.

    Although no longer in the position, John was one of those to whom purchasing the club was more than mere entertainment, but a genuine desire to see the Hornets become something better.

    Some stars of the music world are just as passionate, while others don't quite possess the same vigour for "their club." Read on for a compilation of 20 music stars and their favourite teams.

1. Dr. Dre, Liverpool

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    Little is known of what Dr. Dre makes of Liverpool's current scenario after seeing Luis Suarez depart their shores last summer, but the West Coast rap icon finds his Premier League support rooted in the Reds.

    Speaking to the club's official website in 2001, Dre said:

    They're the team I always look out for when I'm at home. Back in 1988 I was in London on a promotional tour with NWA, and one night we were watching TV and these cool cats in red came on the box. They whupped some poor dudes four or five zip.

    [Favourite player?] John Barnes. He was bad. Kinda reminded me of Magic Johnson. I'm from LA and dig the Lakers, especially when Magic was there, and Barnes was like him, in that he made the ball talk. The cat was cool.

    For now, Liverpool have the backing of one of the rap industry's biggest faces, but having become a billionaire with the sale of his Beats innovation, Dr. Dre may soon look into buying his own club.

2. Rod Stewart, Celtic

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    Performing in front of tens of thousands is a doddle for Rod "The Mod" Stewart, but watching his beloved Celtic muster a measly 2-1 win over world-beaters Barcelona was enough to send the 70-year-old into tears.

    That was all the way back in 2012, but Stewart's love for the Bhoys certainly hasn't withered, after he was chosen to present the club their Scottish League Cup trophy back in March.

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3. Shakira, Barcelona

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (4)

    Manu Fernandez/Associated Press

    Marrying into a footballer's life can mean sharing many things, from household objects to the most abstract example, the football club one supports or plays for.

    It's unknown just how much love Shakira felt for Barcelona before wedding Catalonia native Gerard Pique (the Daily Mail reported she "apparently used to be a Real Madrid supporter," so likely not that much), but the Colombian is well and truly invested in the Spanish outfit now.

4. Dave Grohl, West Ham United

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (5)

    Jason Miller/Associated Press

    There seems to be an abundance of Hollywood names who hold links with the east Londoners, but Dave Grohl is nonetheless one of those with alleged ties to West Ham United.

    It's been reported byMetrothatGrohltold VH1 he, like the aforementioned Dr. Dre.,stumbled upon West Ham while on tour in the United Kingdom and was instantly hooked.

5. Noel Gallagher, Manchester City

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    Airing family matters in the press pages is no bother for former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, so professing one's love for a football club looks trivial by comparison.

    Especially when it's a club with as promising a trajectory as Manchester City that Gallagher supports, having become a much more vocalised figure following their rise of the last few years.

6. Jennifer Lopez, Real Madrid

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (6)

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    If Barca get a titanic songstress at their back on a par with Shakira, it seems only fair the other El Clasico rival, Real Madrid, gets a similar alluring power in the shape of Jennifer Lopez.

    J-Lo performed in Madrid several years ago donning a Real jersey and was seen rubbing shoulders with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos, showing precisely where her allegiances lie.

7. Paul McCartney, Everton (and Liverpool)

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (7)

    Julian Finney/Getty Images

    The Beatles are largely regarded as one of the most influential and potentially best bands of all time, so for Paul McCartney to be able to give a city like Liverpool even the slightest boost is tremendous.

    And although he's ultimately a Blue, McCartney was quoted by the Observer Sports Monthly(h/tLiverpool Echo's David Prentice) back in 2008 explaining that some esteemed company led him to support Everton and Liverpool:

    Here’s the deal: my father was born in Everton, my family are officially Evertonians, so if it comes down to a derby match or an FA Cup final between the two, I would have to support Everton.

    But after a concert at Wembley Arena I got a bit of a friendship with Kenny Dalglish, who had been to the gig and I thought ‘You know what? I am just going to support them both because it’s all Liverpool and I don’t have that Catholic-Protestant thing.

    So I did have to get special dispensation from the Pope to do this but that’s it, too bad. I support them both.

    They are both great teams.

    But if it comes to the crunch, I’m Evertonian.

    It's anyone's guess as to how many—if any—Merseysiders will be able to accept McCartney's stance on matters, but then "peace and love" was always the musician's bag.

8. Katy Perry, West Ham United

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (8)

    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Katy Perry once asked if we "ever felt like a plastic bag drifting through the wind," a line that makes her alleged support of West Ham United only appropriate given their steady fall down the Premier League this year.

    The songstress' following of the Hammers may be sketchy given that it just so happens to be the club of ex-husband Russell Brand.

    That being said, while the duo may have long since parted ways, perhaps there is one bit of Perry that still clings to her east-London ex.

9. Norman Cook (A.K.A. Fatboy Slim), Brighton and Hove Albion

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (9)

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    If Brighton and Hove Albion were ever in dire need of inspiration, having 12 percent club stakeholder Norman Cook (A.K.A. Fatboy Slim) come out and play a half-time changing-room set may do the trick.

    Cook may expect as much free reign after investing so heavily in the club he adopted upon moving to the south-coast city in the 1980s for university.

    Originally from Kent and raised in Surrey, Fatboy Slim has laid down a marker in Brighton, and the football club is just one aspect of the location he's come to embrace so entirely in the last three decades.

10. Justin Bieber, Barcelona

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    One would suspect Justin Bieber's loyalties may be for sale to whomever is convenient or "hip" at any given moment, but there was a time when Barcelona seemed like the only club for America's most beloved pop artist.

    In 2011, Bieber took part in a training session with Barca, at least choosing a side in the Spanish debate, imagining it might be hard for him to flip sides and choose Real afterwards.

    The 21-year-old could undoubtedly instate "Bieber Fever" and send ticket sales soaring if he were to firmly lodge his support in one location, but the fickle starlet is yet to set anchor on where his support truly lies.

11. Robert Plant, Wolverhampton Wanderers

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (10)

    Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/Associated Press

    Living the life of a rock star and leading a band carrying as much musical weight as Led Zeppelin must be a taxing lifestyle; to Robert Plant, supporting a club like Wolverhampton Wanderers is far more stressful.

    So great, in fact, is Plant's love of the Molineux outfit that he was quoted by the Sunday Mercury(h/t Birmingham Mail)in 2008 as admitting his support had taken a toll on his marriage:

    I know what I'm doing every other Saturday is masochism, and it's the nearest thing to actually walking under a bus.

    Well, I suppose it is a bit like a religion, but I don't carry the crucifix right through the weekend these days, although I used to.

    It played havoc with my marriage for a while. When we won the League Cup in 1974, it took me three days to get home from Wembley to Worcestershire.

    I haven't got a clue where I was. I know the Mayor of Wolverhampton received the team in official form, and I remember being there for a minute or two.

    Plant first arrived as a Wolves fan as a five-year-old and has since gone on to become one of the club's vice-presidents, bringing one of rock's greatest-ever vocalists to a most humble setting.

12. Niall Horan, Derby County

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    One of the biggest faces in the music genre right now, One Direction's Niall Horan will have been distraught to see Derby County just about miss out on the Championship playoffs this season.

    Despite hailing from County Westmeath in the Republic of Ireland, it's the Rams that have captured the singer's heart from childhood, but promotion will have to wait until another day.

    Metrorecentlyreported Chelsea looked to the Irishman for their celebrations after winning the Premier League crown last weekend, but Horan remains true to a slightly more humble following.

    The 21-year-old has even trained with the Blues on occasion, but Derby can still boast a hugely valuable supporter with Horan among their fan legion.

13. Roger Waters, Arsenal

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (11)

    Evan Agostini/Associated Press

    Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters was born in Surrey and raised largely in Cambridge, but it's in north London that the guitarist found his football home.

    In the 1973 song "Money," Waters muses "Four-star caviar daydream / Think I’ll buy me a football team." The Gunners may yet be a bit pricey for his tastes, but if Waters ever was to invest, the Emirates would likely be where his funds were directed.

14. Pusha T, Milan

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (12)

    John Davisson/Associated Press

    Sometimes, one player is all that's needed in order to recruit a whole new demographic to one's club, and Mario Balotelli's time back at Milan in 2013 and 2014 appears to have succeeded in luring rapper Pusha T to the San Siro.

    During a performance in 2013, Pusha T emerged with a Milan jersey on, complete with the name "Camorra" on the back, a crime family that operates in Naples. James Harris of Complexsaid of the choice:

    Camorra is the name of the Mafia-like organized crime syndicate that operates in Naples, Italy. Mario Balotelli is an incredibly talented and controversial soccer player who currently plays for AC Milan, an Italian soccer powerhouse. Their connection is a strange one, but it's what Pusha T was alluding to when he performed in his custom jersey.

    One can only wonder as to if Pusha T's allegiances have since followed Balotelli to Liverpool.

15. Chester Bennington, Ipswich Town

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (13)

    John Shearer/Associated Press

    If Linkin Park Rangers were ever to be inaugurated into the Football League, lead singer Chester Bennington would have to root for their cause, but it's currently Ipswich Town who hold his loyalties.

    A source explained to theEast Anglian Daily Times back in 2009 that Bennington's father, Lee, had adopted the club on a trip to England, passing that interest down to his son.

    And even through all Linkin Park's success, the vocalist seemingly still has time for his Tractor Boys.

16. Enrique Iglesias, Real Madrid

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    Dubbing Lionel Messi the world's best may not be an offence that's received all too well at the Santiago Bernabeu, but at least Enrique Iglesias does enough in the attached video to ensure his love of Real Madrid comes across.

    More than anything, Iglesias appears to be a fan of Spain's national team and listed Xavi and Andres Iniesta among his favourite players. A certain Cristiano Ronaldo may be devastated if the footage ever escapes.

17. Drake, Toronto FC

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (14)

    Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

    Jermain Defoe's high-profile move to Toronto FC may not have panned out as hoped for the Canadian outfit, but one thing to emerge from the deal is that superstar Drake is very keen to see his hometown club succeed.

    Andy Edwards of MLS Soccer revealed at the time just how direct a hand Drake played in taking Defoe to the Major League Soccer outfit, a magnetism he's sure to make use of when drafting players in the future.

18. Adele, Tottenham Hotspur

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (15)

    Jonathan Short/Associated Press

    You may take the girl out of Tottenham—away to the furthest corners of the globe, in fact—but you can never take Tottenham out of the girl.

    North London born and bred, multiple Grammy Award winner Adele has scaled the charts in recent years but still manages to make the odd appearance at White Hart Lane.

19. Justin Timberlake, Manchester United

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (16)

    David Cannon/Getty Images

    As explained by Michael McCann of theDaily Mail, ex-Red Devil Alan Smith is actually the man to thank for luring Justin Timberlake to Manchester United following a chance encounter some years ago.

    Unlike many Hollywood figures who want to be adored, JT has remained resolute and not been seen siding with any other clubs since, seemingly devout in his Old Trafford worship.

20. Ed Sheeran, Chelsea

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    20 Stars of the Music World and the Football Clubs They Support (17)

    John Davisson/Associated Press

    It took the "Lego House" hit-maker some time to make up his mind, but Ed Sheeran revealed on his official Twitter account some 18 months ago he belonged to the Chelsea throngs.

    Sheeran will therefore be overjoyed with the Blues' campaign and claiming this season's Premier League title, with his support apparently giving Jose Mourinho's men the motivation they needed in 2014-15.

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