7 Best Synergy ADCs for Ashe Support in League of Legends – Runetarium (2023)

Over the past few years, Ashe’s role in LoL has slowly transitioned from an ADC to a support. What started as an off-meta support pick now it’s a strong support pick that often carries games. But in order to carry games with Ashe, you need the right ADC partner.

So, which ADCs go well with Ashe support?

When you play Ashe support, you actually have the best synergy with bot lane mages. Champs like Karthus and Ziggs really benefit from Ashe’s slow when it comes to hitting skill shots and dealing damage. However, Ashe also synergizes a lot with one-shotting ADCs such as Varus or Miss Fortune.

In reality, Ashe support can work with any marksman in League of Legends. However, there are a few champions that can really use Ashe’s kit to dominate their opponents.

In this post, I’ll focus on the 7 best bot lane picks you can play with Ashe support based on the amount of synergy they have and the overall high win rates across all servers and elos. I’ll explain their strengths and weaknesses so you can choose the right ADC for you.

Let’s start!

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The 7 Best ADCs for Ashe in LoL

7. Caitlyn

7 Best Synergy ADCs for Ashe Support in League of Legends – Runetarium (1)

No matter the patch, meta, or matchup, Caitlyn is one of the strongest ADCs early on in League of Legends. She has a dominating laning phase and is simply amazing at poking the opposing laners.

This plays very well for Ashe because as a support she’s also looking to do the same. Ashe and Caitlyn can effectively drive any duo out of the bot lane and gain advantages in experience during the early game.

On the other hand, the poke playstyle opens up way more kill opportunities. If the enemy bot laners don’t respect Ashe’s and Caitlyn’s damage, they can easily get slain whenever they’re below 50% HP.

Once Caitlyn and Ashe get to level 6, their real synergy begins. The best way to set up fights with these champions is for Ashe to ulti first. When Enchanted Crystal Arrow hits the enemy ADC, Caitlyn can immediately place traps beneath and annihilate them with damage.

If the primary target manages to survive, Caitlyn always has her R – Ace in the Hole to finish the job. And with Ashe’s constant slow (thanks to her low cooldown), the enemy won’t get anywhere.

Because of this synergy, Ashe and Caitlyn always have an advantage because they can start fights whenever they want. They don’t need to take force fights but if things escalate, their disengage is great too. With Ashe’s R and W, she and Cait can always get to safety.

6. Seraphine

7 Best Synergy ADCs for Ashe Support in League of Legends – Runetarium (2)

Seraphine has been an off-meta ADC in League of Legends since she was first added to the game. Her kit is very supportive but it does offer a few advantages that a lot of marksmen don’t.

First of all, one of Seraphine’s strongest points is survivability. Unlike the squishy ADCs, Seraphine has a large AoE shield and heal for herself and all of her allies. The cooldown isn’t short, but the spell is powerful enough to make up for it.

Next, Seraphine is a master of AoE crowd control. Her E can either slow or root all enemy champions it passes through. But in combination with Ashe’s slow, Beat Drop is guaranteed to root or stun the enemy champions. You can read Seraphine’s passive here.

Moreover, Seraphine her ultimate ability is Encore, a large wave that charms all enemies in its path. The spell extends itself based on the number of champions it passes through. And in a team fight, Encore can completely break the opposing team.

What’s cool about playing Seraphine and Ashe in the bot lane is that you can synergize their ultimates for amazing effects. For example, since Ashe’s R travels faster, she can be the one starting the fight. Seraphine can follow it up with her R and affect even multiple enemies.

This synergy is a huge reason for Ashe’s and Seraphine’s success as a duo and their win rate in the bot lane. You can sometimes see them on the professional scene together in a team comp that needs peeling and crowd control.

Lastly, both Seraphine and Ashe can opt for damage-oriented builds. Seraphine’s full ap build can be pretty scary while Ashe’s lethality build is great for a supportive playstyle.

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5. Ziggs

7 Best Synergy ADCs for Ashe Support in League of Legends – Runetarium (3)

As I mentioned above, Ziggs is one of the champions that benefits the most from Ashe’s kit. Normally, the champion is difficult to succeed with, especially in higher elos. But because Ashe has so much crowd control and extra damage, carrying with Ziggs actually becomes easy.

Ziggs is an artillery mage with a few specific strengths in his playstyle. For starters, he’s great at wave clearing, pushing, and taking down turrets. So, if you play aggressively early on and keep poking the enemy team, you’re going to take their turret insanely fast.

Besides that, all of Ziggs’s abilities are AoE magic damage dealers. The champion can obliterate squishy champions from a far and poke down even the tankiest of tanks in LoL.

Ziggs’ long-range playstyle is simply amazing when it comes to sieging or securing objectives. Not only can he block the path for the enemy jungler, but he can also push them away, and even steal the Dragon or the Baron with his ultimate – Mega Inferno Bomb.

When it comes to team fights, the perfect way to synergize Ashe and Ziggs is to start it all with Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Once an enemy is stunned, Ziggs can quickly drop all of his bombs on them and assassinate them.

The same can be done in the bot lane for the 2v2 fights. Each time Ashe’s R is ready for use the duo should go for a kill on the enemy ADC or support, depending on who is squishier.

As for items, there aren’t many that help Ziggs and Ashe in a special way. Of course, Ziggs should almost always go for Liandry’s Anguish since it’s a great anti-tank item. And Ashe can opt for Imperial Mandate since it will boost Ziggs damage.

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4. Jhin

7 Best Synergy ADCs for Ashe Support in League of Legends – Runetarium (4)

When Ashe was slowly transitioning into the support role, Jhin players were welcoming her with open hands. These two champions have a fantastic level of synergy and the potential to always carry games by themselves.

The most obvious synergy between them is in their W spells. Since Ashe’s Volley is hard to miss, it always marks up the enemy champions for Jhin’s Deadly Flourish. This can be an effective way to set up a kill in the bot lane and synergize the rest of their spells.

For example, if Ashe slows down an enemy and Jhin roots them, Ashe can immediately follow it with her R. Jhin can use the extended crowd control to deal damage but also activate his own ultimate and start blasting.

Once Curtain Call is activated, Ashe can keep the fleeing enemies slowed so that Jhin can aim his 4 shots. The slow can be incredibly helpful and it always boosts the value of Jhin’s R.

One thing that this duo struggles with is survivability. Since none of them have shields, heals, or mobility spells, it can be easy for the enemy team to punish them early on. Ashe and Jhin do have tools for disengage, but it’s recommended for them to play the laning phase carefully.

Here, I’d also advise you to go for Imperial Mandate on Ashe since it definitely helps Jhin too. On the other hand, Jhin should always have Galeforce to make for not having defensive spells.

3. Karthus

7 Best Synergy ADCs for Ashe Support in League of Legends – Runetarium (5)

Karthus is the best mage you can play in a combination with Ashe support. This champion has an insane amount of damage in the late game and often carries games despite feeding or inting.

What Karthus offers is damage and insurance for the late game. No matter how the laning phase is going, Ashe can always hope on Karthus to carry the late game. This is due to Karthus’ fantastic scaling and high AP ratio on his ultimate – Requiem.

Unlike most picks on this list, Karthus doesn’t necessarily want an Ashe support for her ultimate. Instead, the real value for him lies in Ashe’s ability to keep enemies slowed all the time.

The reason for this is Karthus’ Q – Lay Waste. It’s his primary way of dealing damage but the spell can be really hard to aim. It has a low cooldown but its area on the ground is pretty small. Not to mention that it has a delay of 0.25 seconds.

In any case, once Ashe slows down an enemy, Karthus can repeatedly cast Q on top of them without missing. Lay Waste can obliterate a single target with three or four casts, especially a squishy ADC.

Additionally, Ashe can keep enemies slowed so that Karthus could get in range for his E. It’s another high damage ability that Karthus can advantage of against slowed enemies. And even if he dies, the spell continues to drain the HP of all slowed enemies around him.

The great thing here is that Karthus and Ashe can synchronize their ultimates to help out teammates around Summoner’s Rift without even moving away from the bot lane. These two global ultimates work well together, so make sure you abuse them.

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2. Miss Fortune

7 Best Synergy ADCs for Ashe Support in League of Legends – Runetarium (6)

Back in the day when Ashe was still one of the greatest ADCs in League of Legends, even pro players sometimes played Miss Fortune as her support. And the chemistry between them has always been amazing!

MF and Ashe have a very similar playstyle when they’re together. During the laning phase, both champions are looking to poke the enemy team while staying safe. And with their combined slow effects, they can torment the opposing duo.

But the true synergy between these two champions begins at level 6. When Ashe hits an enemy champion with Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Miss Fortune can immediately activate her Bullet Time. The combined damage of these abilities is enough to slay most champions in LoL, especially squishy ADCs.

The great thing about this combo is that it can work even if MF and Ashe failed during the early game. Miss Fortune’s R does a lot of damage regardless of her items. And if her targets are stunned and slowed, she’s bound to pick up a few kills with Bullet Time.

Obviously, Miss Fortune and Ashe work just as well in team fights as they do in the 2v2 bot lane skirmishes. Both champions are effective and super useful to their teams.

Lastly, I simply want to mention how fun playing Ashe and MF together can be. You can even go for a full AP Miss Fortune build and a full AP Ashe build and annoy the enemy team with Arcane Comet and burn effects. Here’s a YouTube video to see what that looks like.

1. Varus

7 Best Synergy ADCs for Ashe Support in League of Legends – Runetarium (7)

And finally, we have Varus – the best ADC you can play with Ashe support. Varus’s kit synergizes very well with Ashe’s and he’s a good pick for all possible matchups.

First of all, there are a couple of different ways to build and play Varus. Besides the traditional ADC build and playstyle, you can always go for lethality Varus and orient yourself more around poking.

However, the best build for Varus in combination with Ashe is full AP Varus. As an AP carry, Varus can always one-shot a target, no matter whether that’s a squishy ADC or a tanky top laner.

And the great thing about Ashe is that she can assist Varus in assassinating enemies from range with both her slow and stun. For example, when Ashe hits an enemy with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Varus can immediately cast his Chain of Corruption and release his W + Q combo.

But this can also go the other way around. Varus can be the one initiating the fight with his R with Ashe following it up with her own R.

On the other hand, Ashe’s slow makes it easy for Varus to apply 3 stacks of Blight with auto-attacking and aim his arrows. It’s another way of dealing huge amounts of damage, so the duo is always ready to fight back.

What I enjoy a lot about Varus and Ashe is that you don’t even need to take fights you don’t want to have. Instead, you can always assassinate one target if you combine the ultimates and win off of that.

So, I really recommend playing Varus and Ashe in the bot lane!


Ashe definitely has a unique playstyle as a support. With her, it’s all about a kill setup. And when she has a bot lane partner that also plays for the same, the results are really amazing.

The 7 bot laners I picked on this list are perfect for taking advantage of Ashe’s kit. All of them have high win ratios even in high elo, so don’t hesitate to try them out.

Good luck and have fun!

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Is Ashe support or ADC? ›

Ashe as a support champion works because she is extremely strong during the laning phase given her long-ranged poke and auto-attacks. It allows Ashe players to chip away at the enemy's health while the attack damage carry (ADC) farms and collects gold and pushes the lane.

Is support Ashe still good? ›

It can be used both as an engage tool, or to keep enemies from escaping a fight. Ashe support still has a lot of weaknesses. She is squishy and has little mobility or hard crowd control until level six. Additionally, she doesn't do as much damage as traditional Marksman Ashe or a late-game Senna.

Why is Ashe support so good? ›

Why Ashe support is viable? While other ADCs have passives that allow them to dominate with damage, Ashe's passive Frost Shot is different. It gives her a slow on her basic attacks that slows down enemies for two seconds by 30%.

What ADCs go well with Ashe support? ›

Any poke reliant ADCs work well with Ashe (like Sivir and Jhin).

Is Ashe The easiest ADC? ›

Ashe is an excellent ADC in the current meta. Not only is she good, but she is easy too! Firstly, Ashe can easily clear waves with her W.

Who is weak against Ashe? ›

The best champions that counter Ashe are Sivir, Vayne, Miss Fortune, Tristana and Samira. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on the Mobalytics App.

Is Lulu good with Ashe? ›

Lulu wins against Ashe 49.05% of the time which is 0.45% higher against Ashe than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Lulu wins against Ashe 0.33% less often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Lulu build & runes against Ashe.

Is Ashe Senna good? ›

Ashe wins against Senna 53.36% of the time which is 3.08% higher against Senna than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Ashe wins against Senna 2.23% more often than would be expected.

Did they nerf Ashe? ›

As part of the new changes Ashe loses 20 Ability Haste, meaning she won't be able to throw out as many Volleys. In turn, this means enemies have less chance to be constantly slowed from the backline. “Ashe's damage is already nerfed by 15% and it doesn't affect the [Imperial] Mandate build.

Which Rune is best for Ashe? ›

In patch 12.22, Lethal Tempo Ashe has 45.0% winrate in Top. Within primary rune tree, the best runes would be Presence of Mind, Legend: Bloodline and Coup de Grace.

Does Ashe slow? ›

Ashe's attacks slow their target, causing her to deal increased damage to these targets. Ashe's critical strikes deal no bonus damage but apply an empowered slow to the target.

What are the easiest ADCS? ›

The Best ADC Champions For Beginners
  • Can't go wrong with Captain Fortune. | © Riot Games.
  • She is a great beginner pick, trust us. | © Riot Games.
  • Caitlyn is actually a pretty fun and easy champion. | © Riot Games.

What ADCS are strong right now? ›

The most popular ADC on Patch 12.22 is Kai'Sa with a 51.37% win rate and a 27.5% pick rate.

Is Ashe better than JHIN? ›

Ashe wins against Jhin 48.87% of the time which is 1.08% higher against Jhin than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Ashe wins against Jhin 0.16% less often than would be expected.

Who is the hardest ADC? ›

  • Kai'Sa. Kai'sa is a peculiar one to find on a list of hardest Champions. ...
  • Lucian. Lucian is a Champion that can either be a beast or super useless, depending on who's behind the keyboard. ...
  • Ezreal. If there ever was a Champion built to be a walking skill shot, it's Ezreal. ...
  • Draven. ...
  • Aphelios.
16 Dec 2021

Is Ashe better than Caitlyn? ›

Caitlyn wins against Ashe 48.93% of the time which is 0.29% higher against Ashe than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Caitlyn wins against Ashe 0.53% less often than would be expected.

Who counters ash ow? ›

Ashe counter #1: Sombra

With her Stealth ability, she can sneak up behind her opponent so that she won't have to worry about the initial hit of the Coach Gun or Dynamite. From there, she can easily use her Machine Pistol to deal enough damage to take Ashe out before she can even retaliate.

Is Kaisa good against Ashe? ›

Kai'Sa wins against Ashe 49.81% of the time which is 0.35% higher against Ashe than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Kai'Sa wins against Ashe 0.94% less often than would be expected. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Kai'Sa build & runes against Ashe.

Can Ashe counter Kaisa? ›

Ashe wins against Kai'Sa 51.10% of the time which is 2.45% higher against Kai'Sa than the average opponent. After normalising both champions win rates Ashe wins against Kai'Sa 1.43% more often than would be expected.

Is Tryndamere in love with Ashe? ›

Tryndamere's story has been minimally changed and brought in line with Ashe's, confirming that they are both politically married and legitimately romantically entwined.

Who is Ashe's lover lol? ›

Tryndamere are Bloodsworn, a political marriage, but the two eventually developed genuine affection for each other. Ashe originally married Tryndamere in order to avoid having to marry multiple suitors from neighboring tribes.

Is Ashe good with Nautilus? ›

Ashe has lots of ways to follow up on Nautilus's engages. During late games, this duo is great at picking off carries, even assassins. Ashe can sneak an R cast on an enemy assassin. When they are hit, Nautilus can cast his Shurelya active and run that enemy down.

Is Senna ADC or support better? ›

Starting from Patch 12.11, you will most likely see Senna more in the ADC role than in that of the support. Even if she's your support, let her farm a bit more and don't ping her when she "steals" your minions. In the long run, you will be glad.

Who is the best Ashe player? ›

Best Ashe Players in the World
  • Shoiti. BR. C / 991 LP. 72% / 64 games. Shoiti. C / 991 LP. 72% / 64 g.
  • air so. KR. C / 890 LP. 61% / 36 games. air so. C / 890 LP. 61% / 36 g.
  • Worsttt. EUW. GM / 965 LP. 64% / 33 games. Worsttt. GM / 965 LP. 64% / 33 g.
  • MonkWillCarry. EUW. GM / 743 LP. 60% / 63 games. MonkWillCarry. GM / 743 LP. 60% / 63 g.

Who does Senna pair with? ›

Senna synergises well with anyone who can poke with her, having superior range over most other marksmen and supports. She also likes anyone who can get into the thick of the fight and allow her to get more value from Piercing Darkness.

Can Ashe one shot headshot? ›

Although you both play at similar ranges, he can one shot you with a headshot, burst you down with Storm Arrows or gain a peeking advantage with Sonic Arrow.

How do I get Ashe deadlock? ›

As for the main prize, the Ashe Deadlock Skin, players need to play 27 games. That's right – no need to win. The idea is to keep players on the game for longer – driving down on the bigger community feel that cross-play brings. On your way to those 27 games, you'll unlock two prizes.

How much does Ashe do a headshot? ›

Ashe is a DPS hero who can be devastating if she's given the right support. For instance, with her ADS headshots doing base 170 damage, a Nano-Boosted Ashe will be able to shred all heroes with 250 HP or under with a single shot.

What mythic Should I build for Ashe? ›

Ashe is all about those critical hits and getting damage down fast, so you'll want to pick up the Immortal Shieldbow as your Mythic Item as it increases your attack speed and damage. Additionally, it increases her critical strike chance to 20%, synergizing with her Critical Slow passive, and provides tons of lifesteal.

Can Ashe build crit? ›

Crit chance and crit damage affect how much bonus damage she deals on slower targets. With the additional speed on offense that Ashe builds up with Runes, Abilities, and Items, having that extra critical strikechance increases the frequency at which Ashe is able to do a devastating amount of damage in one hit.

Is Queen Ashe skin rare? ›

Queen Ashe

This one's a bit older (from 2010) and rarer (as it's currently in Riot's legacy vault) but it's the same principle as Amethyst Ashe. That rarity is really all that puts this skin out of last place, because otherwise it's entirely underwhelming.

What is the rarest ash skin? ›

Synthetic Huntress

Its high price and limited availability make it one of the rarest Ash skins around. While it could come back into the in-game store at some time in the future, its reappearance is not guaranteed. You'll need a lot of luck to snag this sassy purple and gold legendary skin.

Is Queen Ashe a good skin? ›

Queen Ashe is an elegant skin that marries a good concept with a good execution.
League of Legends: Ashe Skins' Review.
Particles:New light green particles for Frost Shot, Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow.
Animations:No new animations.
Sounds:No new sounds.
6 more rows
8 Mar 2012

Is Ashe strong late game? ›

Ashe is the ADC with the most utility in the game. Her slow and stun from her ult will give your solo queue teammates plenty of time to follow up on any engage. Her late-game damage is also nothing to scoff at, since she is a solid DPS even then.

What is Ashe Q? ›

The changes to Ashe's passive and Q enhances her basic attack-focused gameplay during all stages of a game. She shoots things, builds up Focus, then uses Ranger's Focus to deal extra damage alongside her basic attacks. That left Volley too strong, so we tweaked it.

Is Ashe a DPS? ›

Ashe is a long-range support DPS who wields a devastatingly powerful rifle and can hurl explosives at her foes or surprise them with a close-range blast to get away.

Which ADC can solo carry? ›

Draven is one of the best Solo Queue and lane dominant ADCs around, thanks to his early game pressure and snowball potential. Mastering Draven will allow you to take over the lane and the game in no time at all.

Is ADC a weak role? ›

ADCs go into the long, or duo, lane (the lane where the towers are furthest apart) together with the Support. This is because ADCs tend to be really weak early in the game and need some extra protection, which the Support provides.

Is ADC or support harder? ›

Support players usually get higher ranks than mid laners and ADC players, even though it's widely agreed the role is much easier to play than the rest.

Can Ashe stun? ›

Active: Ashe launches a crystal arrow of ice that stuns the first enemy Champion hit, dealing magic damage. The farther the arrow flies, the longer the stun, up to 3.5 seconds.

Who is the best ADC for solo queue? ›

ADC (God Tier)
  • Seraphine.
  • Tristana.
  • Twitch.
  • Jhin.
  • Kai'sa.
  • Samira.
15 Nov 2022

Who is the longest range ADC? ›

Caitlyn (650 range)

Caitlyn's basic attack range is very large. It allows her to harass the enemy Support and ADC frequently while taking little to no damage in return.

Who is the most scaling ADC? ›

  • Vayne. Vayne is a Champion with an insane late-game that everyone fears. ...
  • Twitch. Twitch is notoriously known for being the late-game team-sweeper. ...
  • Draven. Draven is a Champion with an excellent early game apart from being a fantastic scaler. ...
  • Kai'Sa. ...
  • Kog'Maw. ...
  • Yasuo. ...
  • Ezreal.
19 Jun 2022

Is Ash a support? ›

There is a reason that Ash sits atop the list of the best support characters in the game. The other two survivors rely on amulets and Shemp's Colas for healing. Ash can help out there too, but the majority of his healing is done via damage.

What type of character is Ashe? ›

Iceborn warmother of the Avarosan tribe, Ashe commands the most populous horde in the north. Stoic, intelligent, and idealistic, yet uncomfortable with her role as leader, she taps into the ancestral magics of her lineage to wield a bow of True Ice.

Does Ashe E gives assist? ›

Since patch 9.1 Ashe E now gives an assist upon revealing an unseen target who then gets slain, What about champs such as Twisted Fate and Quinn, why not them too?

Who is the lover of Ash? ›

Ash & Serena

Within canon, Serena's the closest Ash has ever come to having a real girlfriend, and she most certainly has made her interest in him clear. Her entire run in the series was based on her crush on Ash, and each season seemed to bring them closer.

Did Ash have a crush? ›

Giselle. In the episode 9 of the first series (The School of Hard Knocks) Ash met Giselle, the most beautiful girl in the school, for which he developed a crush along with Brock.

Who did Ashe marry lol? ›

Therefore, Ashe decided to wed Tryndamere, who was from a small mountain tribe. He would be her first and only Bloodsworn and eventually, the two would also be attracted to one another.

Who is Ashe's mother lol? ›

The only child of Grena, the matriarchal chieftain of the tiny Avarosan tribe, Ashe was Iceborn: a member of the warrior caste, gifted with an ancestral connection to the magic of her lands, and the rare ability to wield the power of True Ice.

Can Ashe crit lol? ›

Ashe slows whoever she damages with her basic attacks and abilities. Ashe's basic attacks always deal bonus damage to slowed targets, replacing her ability to critically strike. Bonus damage increases with her critical strike chance.

Is Bob an omnic? ›

B.O.B. is Elizabeth Ashe's loyal, lifelong omnic butler and bodyguard.

Does Ashe E slow? ›

Ashe's attacks slow their target, causing her to deal increased damage to these targets. Ashe's critical strikes deal no bonus damage but apply an empowered slow to the target.

Does Ashe Auto slow? ›

Ashe is a dragon lane attack damage carry. She does not deal a lot of damage compared to other dragon lane carries, however, she has a very unique kit available to her. She uses her abilities and auto attacks to slow and crowd control the enemies.

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