Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (2023)

Whether you are looking to learn something new about the role, or see world-class players entertain you, these are the best bot lanes streamers.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (1)

A long time ago if someone told you that one of the highest paying jobs on the planet would include playing competitive games you would never believe them. Now it’s the truth with LoL streamers.

In the case of League of Legends, streams have their own categories of expertise, and here are the best LoL streamers who play League in the bottom lane.



Sneaky is one of the most famous League of Legends ADCs ever. He has played the ADC role in the bot lane for Cloud9, before retiring and focusing on his streaming.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (2)

Streaming, however, is not the only thing this giant among LoL streamers is famous for. He is one of the most famous cosplayers in the world, cosplaying female champions that Riot Games love to sell.

(Video) Sneaky Shows Why Twitch Is The Perfect Champion For Solo Queue!

Watching the stream, and YouTube channel, of one of the best streamers in the ADC role currently will not only help you improve, but also give you a lot of entertainment on the side as well.



Speaking of learning more about the game, and improving your own gameplay, watching Doublelift stomp Solo Queue, or get stomped in the process as ADCs sometimes do with a bad team, is the way to go.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (3)

In his long professional LoL career, Doublelift has played for quite a few teams, as one of the best ADCs on the planet, and has now turned that into being one of the best ADC streamers, as well. Just don’t pick up his trash talking along the way. Unless you can back it up the way he does.



Just like Doublelift, Gosu is also a master-class Vayne main and was in fact inspired by him to start streaming League of Legends. However, unlike Doublelift, Gosu started his streaming career without any talking, or even a camera, whatsoever. All you could see was making League of Legends plays, in ways we couldn’t imagine. It was the same when he played mid lane, and became even more prominent once Vayne came out.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (4)

Nowadays, Gosu is still perhaps the best League of Legends Vayne main, albeit one that has started to talk a bit during his ADC streaming. He was even so good, that he was accused of scripting, which was debunked later on. And he may also be the origin of Vayne top lane, which goes against him.



For all of you who dream of one day hitting Challenger as an ADC, the best bet may just be Arrowioi. A former professional player, who turned to his youTube channel, as well as streaming, and his main focus is on educational content, will let you hit Challenger if you pay enough attention.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (5)

Whether you are at the top of the ranks, or at their bottom, there is something to learn from Arrowioi’s streams, as the game is not just about amazing plays, but also about decision-making and macro gameplay.

(Video) Is Yone and Yasuo The BEST Bot Lane?! (Insane Combos!) - League of Legends



Let’s face it, if you know anything about League of Legends streamers, you knew that this name was bound to come up. Tyler1 is the most famous, or infamous, of all League of Legends streamers found on any platform.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (6)

He used to be known as the “Most Toxic Player NA”, referring to the way he would rage at his enemies and allies alike while streaming. It influenced the game culture in such a way that Riot Games banned him for this behavior toward other summoners.

However, only a short while later, he became known as the “Most Reformed Player NA”, and Riot lifted his ban, putting him into the spotlight once again.

These days his ADC streams are not as frequent, but even so, his rage is still entertaining to watch, making him the best LoL streamer to watch while just chilling, and one of the best LoL streamers all around, due to his accomplishments, with reaching Challenger in all lanes, including top lane, mid lane, jungle, and support.



With all the talk of former, retired players, who played professionally, it is time we mention one active professional League of Legends ADC streamer on our LoL streamer list.

(Video) Singed + Yasuo Bot Lane Perfection - Best of LoL Streams #1343

Rekkles is one of the pro players for Karmine Corp. He has played for Fnatic, Alliance, Elements, and G2 Esports. He is the World Championship 2018 runner-up, as well.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (7)

If you want to see some world-class League of Legends ADC streamers play, then watching Rekkles is the way to go. As is usually the case with Scandinavian streamers, there is not much talk present, but a lot of thinking out loud, and quality gameplay to be found.



Unlike what his name says, he has not made a great upset in the professional League of Legends community. His stream, however, shows why he is one of the top LoL streamers, and best League players.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (8)

It’s all due to his consistency, and the fact that, somehow, he makes other players on his team good players as well. This is an especially useful skill to have in League of Legends Solo Queue when trying to coordinate good support picks.



Another player that became an athlete thanks to Riot Games is Innaxe, and he is also one of the best League of Legends ADCs in the world currently.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (9)

His stream doesn’t have a lot of views usually, as it is mostly focused on pure gameplay. But where the stream lacks in obvious entertainment, it more than makes up for it with amazing ADC plays.

(Video) Boxbox And Bao Bot - Best of LoL Streams #1499

Watching Innaxe will definitely get you into the right state of mind for a high level of play. One unfortunate thing is that there is no regular schedule as such to his stream.



If you’re a fan of Jhin, one of the most interesting LoL champions in the game, design-wise, then Taco may be your best bet out of all League of Legends streamers.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (10)

He is a Jhin one-trick, who has reached high elo in the Solo Queue of multiple servers consistently. Nowadays, his content focuses on education as well as climbing the ranks, with hundreds of thousands of followers.

So, if you have a tick, and that tick is the number four, Taco is your guy. Especially since Jhin is now an S-tier pick in the current meta.



At the end of the day, though, this popular MOBA has players from all over investing their time into learning new things, to improve their own gameplay. On the topic of ADCs, not many streamers can boast of having a focus on education, as CookieLoL can.

Best League of Legends Bot Lane Streamers to Watch | TGG (11)

Unlike other streamers, he has based his career on top-notch educational videos for every ADC champion separately, thus making him the best League of Legends streamer to learn the ADC role from.

And, besides that, CookieLoL is just a great player to watch, especially for his attitude to his fellow summoners, which is needed in the current LoL atmosphere.

(Video) TL Hans sama | ADC Bot Lane Jinx Gameplay | Lock In Champs!

And that concludes our picks for the best bot lane streamers League of Legends has to offer. Of course, preferences are impossible to account for, but we believe that our LoL streamer list contains something for everyone, though there are a lot of other ADC streamers worth watching.

On the other hand, sometimes streaming is not what players need when wanting to improve, but information, pure and simple. On that note, the best thing is to read up on various roles, and the best champions for them, and not just watch the best streamers, especially in solo lanes such as mid lane and top lane.


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