How To Get Out Of Legend League In Clash Of Clans (2023)

If you’re stuck in Legend League and finding it difficult to move up, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many players get frustrated trying to advance in this highly competitive League. But don’t despair, there are ways to make progress. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to get out of Legend League in Clash of Clans. The first step is to take a look at your base and make sure it’s optimized for defense. This means upgrading your walls and defensive buildings, and making sure your traps are placed correctly. You should also make sure you have a strong army, with a mix of different unit types. Once your base is ready, it’s time to start attacking. But don’t just go for the easy targets, try to find bases that are close to your own size and have a similar number of trophies. This way, you’ll get more points for each victory, and you’ll also have a better chance of winning. Keep attacking and winning, and eventually you’ll make your way out of Legend League. Just don’t give up, and keep trying, and you’ll get there eventually.

Because resources never go away, Legend League has become one of the most unique video game series ever created. If you have 5,000 or more Trophies, your Legend League attack will come to an end. While Titan League players may still attack you, they will not instantly kill you. In Legend League, each player is competing for the best team. There will be no trophies given away until the League Day concludes in six weeks for trophies worth less than $4,901. As you progress through the game, you will be able to choose a reduced attack and defense set for the first day; your attack and defense score should be taken into account, as should the number of attacks or defenses you encounter. A successful attack increases the amount of bonus for the next one if it is in the league’s top tier.

The Legend League provides players with a new way to achieve success on a global scale. According to the short answer, Clash of Clans will not stop working by 2022, as previously stated. The game will eventually be updated on a regular basis. When a trophy has been reset in the past, you will only be able to obtain legend trophies. You must lose Trophies that can be used against attackers in order to drop from Legend League. In Legends, there is no cloud or nexting, making it possible to get a fantastic loot in as little as 3:40.

How Do You Demote In Legend League In Clash Of Clans?

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To demote in legend league in clash of clans, you need to have a minimum of 50 trophies. Once you have that, you can go to your league and click on the Demote button.

With just four trophies left in the League Day, players will lose all of their Legend League points. To participate in a Legend League, players must have at least 5,000 trophies. Anyone who owns more than 5,000 Trophies will be unable to engage in combat unless they have signed up for Legend League. League Days are held in Finnish from 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. Finnish time (5 a.m. to 10 a.m. NZ time) and are divided into 24-hour seasons. The League determines how many Clans can be promoted and downvoted.

The Cost Of Competition: Losing Your League Rank In Clash Of Clans

In Clash of Clans, players’ performance is frequently used to promote or demonetize them based on their level. At the end of a League Day, all players who are less than 4,900 trophies in rank at the time will be demoted to Legend League. While players can remain in Legend League if they defend less than 4,900 trophies, they must attack to regain that level by the League Day to stay. In addition, those who score less than 300 trophies can be demoted from Bronze III. A player may be promoted or demoted as many times as he wishes during the course of the season.

Can You Drop Leagues In Clash Of Clans?

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There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors. However, it is generally accepted that you cannot drop leagues in Clash of Clans.

If you have 5000 trophies or more, you will qualify for Legend League. If a player fails to reach 4,900 trophy-equivalent by League Day, he or she will be demoted. There will be loot in villages, but it will not be obtained by enemies. When a player in the Legend League launches an attack, they don’t raid from their target. When loot is given to a player, it makes a difference if he or she has a town hall level of more than 30. trophies may also be won or lost if a village has been raided. In Legend League, if your team loses in defense, you must win more trophies per goal in order to win. Even if you attack every time, trophies cannot be taken from you; however, they can be worth up to 40 percent of their original price. To deliver loot, you must first obtain a town hall level and its defenses in your target towns.

Dropping Trophies In Clash Of Clans

It is extremely effective to drop trophies in Clash of Clans if you want to lower your rank. Having lost a few trophies can make it easier to find and battle against more casual opponents, allowing you to improve your skills. If you are dissatisfied with your current standing in your league, you may want to consider quitting. If you have a trophy collection of at least $5,000, you can enter the Legend League.

How Many Players Are In Legend League Clash Of Clans

There are a total of 10 players in Legend League.

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In terms of MOBA games, League of Legends reigns supreme. It’s the final game in Clash of Clans, and the Legend League is ranked first. After you sign up for the Legend League, you can attack eight other players’ villages on a daily basis using the money you have accumulated. Players can select from a number of eight attacks and defenses, allowing them to customize their game. Your attack will grant you 40 Trophies, but your winnings will not be reduced. Changing the league days allows you to choose whether you want to keep attacking or defending on that day, depending on your Shield status.

Why You Should Play In The Legend League

It’s an excellent way to test your abilities against other Legends while also assisting them in their advancement. If you want to push yourself and gain an edge in your league, the Legend League is the best way to go.

Clash Of Clans Legend League Rewards

The Legend League is a top-level Clan War League in Clash of Clans. It was introduced in the December 2015 update. Legend League rewards are some of the best in the game. They include exclusive Legend Trophies, a unique Legend League Shield, and massive amounts of resources.

On July 1, 2015, the Legend League was released in Clash of Clans. A Legend League is a multi-level strategy game in which you can decide on the number of attacks and defenses you wish to assign to your team per day. Earning up to 40 Trophies on each attack is a good way to build credibility for your attack. Even if the Legend League’s top ten defenders defend fewer than 4,900 trophies, they are still considered league members. You will only be rewarded for achieving that trophy level if you do so by League Day. If you want to stay in the Legend League, you need to defend more than you lose.

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What Are The Benefits Of Being In Legend League?

When you join the Legend League, you will receive eight (8) attacks and defenses on a daily basis. Each attack will grant you up to 40 trophies. While you cannot lose trophies when you attack, you can lose them later in life. Attackers can perform these moves at any time and without fear of being identified.

Do You Lose Loot In Legend League?

During an attack in Legend League, you do not raid your opponent’s resources. Attackers, on the other hand, do not lose resources when attacking your village. Your target’s Town Hall level as well as the strength of the village’s defenses determine how much loot you can offer.

Legend League Coc

The Legend League is the highest league in Clash of Clans. It is where the best of the best clash. To be in the Legend League, you must have at least 4000 trophies. The Legend League has no shield and you can be attacked at any time. The Legend League rewards are the best in the game.

The Legend League, which is the final League in the game, is only available to players with over 5,000 Trophies. This league includes exclusive matchmaking, a trophy system, shields, and loot, among other things. The matchmaking from the Legend League differs from that of the lower leagues in every respect. On League Day 8, there will be new attacks to choose from. It is possible that your village will be attacked 8 times, but this is not guaranteed. In addition, you will be added to the 8-player matchmaking pool. The Legend League has had a major overhaul, with no longer shields, but only eight defenses.

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A good attack no longer requires 2 stars, but it must be at least 75% destroyed in order to obtain more Trophies. To use as a defense, you must first pick a layout similar to Clan Wars. Unless you change the multiplayer menu, changes to your Home Village will have no effect on your defense village. Clan Castle troops can also be chosen through the multiplayer menu. The villages will have loot to sell, but no enemies will be able to steal them. For each level of Town Hall 12, you will be given a certain amount of points. Other attacks, on the other hand, will work in the same way they would if they were designed to attack only one target at a time.


How many trophies do you need to drop out of Legend League? ›

Players will be demoted from Legend League if they are below 4,900 trophies at the end of a League Day. Players can remain in Legend League while below 4,900 trophies as a result of defending, though they must attack to regain that trophy level by the end of the League Day in order to stay in the league.

Can you use a shield in Legend League? ›

You don't get Shield or Guard when attacked in the Legend League. However, it's still possible to take a break by purchasing Shields. If your Shield is active when the league day changes you get to skip both attacking and defending for the next league day.

Can you go down a league in clash of clans? ›

Players who fall below 300 trophies (i.e. get demoted from Bronze III) will lose their league ranking until they obtain 400 trophies or more to re-enter Bronze III. There is no limit to the number of times players can be promoted or demoted during a season.

Do you lose loot in Legend League? ›

The new Legend League loot also works similar to the Clan Wars. There will be loot available on the villages, but they will not be stolen from the enemies. Yes, you will never lose resources on the Legend League. All you get is profit.

How do I leave Legend League? ›

How do you drop out of Legend League? By losing enough Trophies to drop below 4900. If your opponent does a successful attack, you will lose Trophies immediately. But the placement calculation isn't performed until the end of the League Day.

Can I drop from 5300 trophies? ›

You can drop Leagues but you will never drop below 4000 Trophies (Legendary Arena).

What is after Legend League in COC? ›

At the start of each League Day, anyone who has signed up and is below 4,901 Trophies is demoted to Titan league.

Are riot shields strong? ›

The riot shield and baton combination is considered strong enough to handle all but the most extreme riots. If this combination is not deemed sufficient police may escalate to using additional methods such as water cannons, CS gas and rubber bullets.

Can you drop a shield as a free action? ›

To use a brand new shield you only need to interact to draw it, then use the raise shield action. This means you don't need the shield strapped, and also that you can drop it as a free action.

Is it good to drop trophies in Clash of Clans? ›

Dropping Trophies: The most efficient way to drop Trophies is to start an attack and press 'Next' (but don't release it), then drop one troop and quickly surrender. You will lose the match and Trophies, but will move one to the next one without having to go back to your village.
Low Trophy Farming.
Trophy Level:0-200
1 more row

What league should a TH12 be in? ›

For farming in TH12, from personal experience I must suggest that crystal league (more specifically 2200–2500) is best. Plenty of dead bases are available in this region. Even you can find some active bases with huge amount of loots. With sneaky goblins farming has become so easy now.

What is the highest league in Clash of Clans? ›

Legend League in Clash of Clans is the highest League in the app. Only the best of the best players go there.

Is COC still popular? ›

Clash of Clans may not be as popular as it was in the mid-2010s, but it is still one of the highest grossing games on iOS and Android. Supercell does not appear to be finished with updates to the game, which may entice new gamers to try it out.
Clash of Clans overview.
TitleTitle 2
IndustryMobile games
4 more rows
6 Sept 2022

What happens if you own all little legends? ›

Remember, if you already own all variants of that Little Legend, you will be given a Rare Egg, which will drop any Little Legend Variant that you don't already own. Little Legends Eggs that are direct purchase cost: 750 RP/TC for a Rare Little Legend. 925 RP/TC for an Epic Little Legend.

How many trophies can you lose in clash of clans? ›

Trophy offers differ based on trophy difference between the attacker and the defender; if both the attacker and the defender have an identical amount of trophies, the available trophies from the defender is 30 (with a loss of 20 trophies to the defender should the attacker lose).

How many people are in Legends league? ›

Just how many players LOL has? League of Legends has a total of 150 million registered players. Over 117 Million players are actively playing monthly and 10 – 11 active players daily.

How many trophies are in Legend League? ›

Legend League Overview

When you opt in, each day everyone in the Legend League will receive a fixed number of eight (8) attacks and defenses. Each attack will be worth up to 40 Trophies but you cannot lose Trophies when you attack.

Can u go under 5k trophies? ›

If you reset below 5000 trophies, you will not be in the Leagues anymore. But worry not! You will be able to climb back while collecting the new rewards. If you reset above or exactly at 5000 trophies, you're still in the Leagues, and you will be able to climb even higher than before during this season!

Should I throw away old trophies? ›

What to do with old awards you do not want – If you have old sports trophies or other awards that don't carry much meaning anymore, you may want to dispose of them. If so, you should know that most old trophies are not eligible for recycling. You can, however, donate them to organizations that refurbish old awards.

Can you farm in Legends league? ›

Farming in League of Legends is a key skill that every player should learn to master. Not only is it the most effective way of gaining gold and XP, but having a higher CS score over the enemy laner will allow you to get your core items before them.

What is the +1 next to heroes in COC? ›

The Extra Life is shown as a heart icon next to the Hero's HP indicator. When the Extra Life is fully regenerated to 100% it will display a heart icon with a “+1”.

What is after gold in league? ›

Silver: Between 1150 and 1499 (Team: 1250-1449) (Top 68%-13%) Majority of Active Player Base. Gold: Between 1500 and 1849 (Team: 1450-1649) (Top 13%-1.5%) Platinum: Between 1850 and 2199 (Team: 1650-1849) (Top 1.5%-0.1%) Diamond: 2200 and above (Team: 1850+) (Top 0.1%)

Can a riot shield stop a knife? ›

Riot shields (AKA capture shields or anti-riot shields) are polycarbonate (reinforced plastic) or metal shields used to protect against attack from knives, hurled objects, kicks, punches, etc.

Do bulletproof shields exist? ›

Ballistic shields, also known as bunker shields and ballistic blankets, are used when armed resistance is expected. They are specifically designed to stop bullets and dangerous projectiles.

Would a shield stop a bullet? ›

All ballistic shields are designed to stop or deflect bullets fired at their carrier. The materials used impact the weight and protection.

Can shields stop a musket? ›

A musket would penetrate all but the best of the shot-proof shields of the 16th Century at effective range, most shot proof shields were proofed to withstand arquebus shot since the arquebus was the primary firearm until the late 16th Century.

How many frames is shield drop? ›

It takes 7 frames to drop shield in Brawl and Smash 4, 11 frames in Smash 64 and Ultimate, and 15 frames in Melee. One exception with this, however, is with Yoshi prior to Smash 4.

Which league has best loot COC? ›

The best collector loot will be in the low-mid range, the best storage loot will be in the mid-high range. Combined best will be in the mid range. The higher trophies you go, the harder the defenses will be, on average.

Which league has the best loot? ›

  • Bronze League - TH3, TH4, TH5.
  • Silver League - TH5, TH6, TH7.
  • Gold League - TH7, TH8.
  • Crystal League - TH8, TH9.
  • Master League - TH10.
  • Champions League - TH10, TH11.
  • Titan League - TH11, TH12.
  • Legend League - TH12.
20 Sept 2019

Which language is best for loot in COC? ›

Originally Answered: Which language is better for high loot in coc? Language doesn't matter bro,,, league matters…… It depends on what league you are… Good loot will be available at Crystal 3 league for TH8 for both Dark Elixir and Normal resources..

How fast can I rush to TH12? ›

You can rush to th12 in no time. First, you just have to continuously upgrade ur storages and collectors to the max level. When you have cash, upgrade ur town hall. All your cannons and everything should be level 1 and put ur town hall outside, just like farming bases.

What is Max hero TH12? ›

Town Hall 12

Barbarian King maximum level increased from 60 to 65. Archer Queen maximum level increased from 60 to 65. Grand Warden maximum level increased from 30 to 40.

Who is the first COC player to reach 4000 trophies? ›

The first Clasher to achieve 4000 trophies!! Jorge Yao, we salute you!

Who has the highest XP level in COC? ›


Who has the highest XP in COC? ›

Currently, the highest-level player is level 500. _Net_ is one of the few players to reach this level worldwide. He is the Co-leader of the Clan Req N Go. With his Town Hall Level 15 and Builder Hall 9, he is one of the most experienced players in Clash of Clans.

Is Clash of Clans 40 years old? ›

Clash of Clans is a 2012 free-to-play mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell.

Who is the owner of COC? ›

Ilkka Paananen is the CEO and co-founder of Supercell, the Helsinki-based mobile games developer behind Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach and Clash Royale. Since its founding in 2010, Supercell's games have remained in the global top 10 years after launch.

Which country plays COC most? ›

United States plays Clash of Clans the most.

What is the rarest little legend? ›

Triumphant Hauntling was only awarded to those who finished in Platinum or Higher in The Galaxies Set, making it one of the rarest Little Legends in the game!

How much does it cost to 3 star a little legend? ›

The number of Star Shards it takes to upgrade a Little Legend depends on both the type and rarity of the LL in question. Rare Little Legends, as well as Pass+ Legends like the Star Guardian Silverwing, cost 100 Star Shards to upgrade to both a 2 and 3-star version.

How do I get a TFT egg? ›

To obtain an egg, player usually can buy them from Riot Store, under the Loot section.

Is league of Legend hard? ›

League of Legends is a hard game. MOBA veterans and people who read and study guides don't find it that difficult, but if you're coming to LoL and don't read guides on how to play, it will be hard for you too. That doesn't mean it's a bad game; both awful players and experts can enjoy the game equally.

Do shields work in Legend League? ›

You don't get Shield or Guard when attacked in the Legend League. However, it's still possible to take a break by purchasing Shields. If your Shield is active when the league day changes you get to skip both attacking and defending for the next league day.

How many wins does it take to get to legend? ›

For example, once you hit Rank 5 you need to win 26 games to get to Legend. If you have a 100% win rate, you only need to play 26 games! If you have a 51% win rate, however, you can find yourself playing in the spectrum of up to 1,300 games.

Can you drop below 2000 Trophies in Clash Royale? ›

Reaching a new Arena activates a Trophy Gate! This means you can't drop below the Trophies needed for that Arena, or drop to a lower Arena! Once you hit 4000 Trophies, you will not drop below Legendary Arena's Trophy Gate of 4000, but you can drop through League rankings.

How many Trophies do I need in legendary arena to not drop out when league reset happens? ›

At the end of each Season, League Trophies are reset to a certain point. You will be set to 50% of your Trophies ABOVE 4000. The League Season Reset does not affect players with under 4000 Trophies!

How many wins do you need for Legend? ›

You need to have 170 net wins (e.g. wins - losses) to gain 2040 rating. So you need to win 1210 out of 2250 matches. That's 53.77% win rate overall.

Can you drop out of gold league of Legends? ›

Yes, it is possible to be demoted from a tier. For example, let's say you're in division IV of a tier, and your MMR drops an entire tier – you will be warned about having a possible demotion. If you're in Gold IV, upon reaching Silver IV MMR, you will receive a warning.

What happens when you reach 5000 trophies? ›

Once you reach 5,000 trophies, you can sign-up for Legend League. You are automatically signed up for consecutive Legend League seasons, but only if your trophies stay at 4,901 or more. If your trophies drop under 4,901, you have until the end of the current League Day to get back to 4,901 Trophies or higher.

What percent of clash Royale players have 6000 trophies? ›

As I mentioned earlier, 90% of CR players are between 5000 and 6500 trophies, including a large portion of already maxed out players.

How many trophies do you lose per arena? ›

When you win a match you gain 20 to 35 trophies, but when you lose, you lose 20 to 30 trophies unless you grind to the 13th arena for 4,000 trophies because that's when you enter the leagues. Once you're in the leagues, you get 25 to 35 trophies when you win and lose 10 to 15 trophies when you lose.

Can you fall back from legendary arena? ›

Whenever you reach a new Arena, it means you've passed through its Trophy Gate, and thus, your Trophy progress is saved. In other words, you can no longer drop Arenas upon losing in Battle!

Can you go lower than legendary arena? ›

Each Arena, besides the Legendary Arena, will unlock new rewards, like Chests, and players with a higher Arena level will contain more Gold and Cards. Once a player advances to a higher Arena, they cannot be demoted to a lower Arena.

How hard is become legend campaign? ›

Some players have been asking if this is a difficulty to be feared. How challenging is it? To set difficulty expectations, the legendary campaign is designed to be harder than a legend Nightfall, though it is easier than a solo dungeon or running a Grandmaster Nightfall. Enemies are more difficult and more aggressive.

Which legend has highest win rate? ›

Apex Legends meta - Top players win rates & pick rates
  • Newcastle. 45.7% 0.6% 1,342.
  • Wattson. 48.4% 0.5% 1,088.
  • Vantage. 47.4% 0.5% 1,047.
  • Mirage. 46.1% 0.4% 781.
  • Rampart. 45.7% 0.3% 648.
  • Caustic. 47.5% 0.2% 356.
  • Revenant. 45.2% 0.2% 345.
  • Fuse. 29.7% 0.1% 202.

What rank is heroic 2? ›

Many of Destiny 2's triumphs and weapon rewards are tied to Competitive Crucible Glory Ranks.
Competitive Crucible Glory Ranks and point requirements.
RankTotal PointsPoints to Next Rank
Heroic I1050 - 1259210
Heroic II1260 - 1624365
Heroic III1625 - 2099475
Fabled I2100 - 2379280
13 more rows
23 May 2019

How many games can you lose at 0lp? ›

Silver III to Silver IV) takes just one loss at 0 LP, though you'll still have enough LP remaining to be just a win or two away from reclaiming your position. If you're in division IV, however, you'll generally be able to lose several matches before being demoted to the next tier down.

What happens if I quit lol? ›

After leaving or idling in several games, players will be placed in low priority queue for 5 games. While in low priority queue, players will have to wait an additional 5 minutes before being able to queue up for a match.

Can you skip promos in League? ›

You can also skip divisions and promotions at the same time but this is very rare (skipping promotions is really rare already). I did it twice while I was in gold league, lol.


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